China Joy 2019 – VR Device

China Joy 2019 – VR Update

In the third day of China Joy 2019, the topic went to “DIVE IN TO THE FUTURE”. Vive, IPASION, and XPG has set up the new Integrative design of VR Machine. To compare with current wire-linked HMD, This new type of VR HMD will allow faster calculating by its isolated processor. While experiencing the gaming performance by using that new HMD, I also concerned about how this technology could be worked with future VR real-time rendering.

First of all, I think the  low delay of connections should be the most benefactive functions for VR designers and developers. Especially for car designs and interior design, higher processing speed of HMD will help them to get more frames of renderings.

Secondly, integrative HMD can be more mobile to connect with other accessories like trackers, motion capture cameras, recording systems, and feet supports. Which could provide the qualities of making future VR projects.

I hope the future VR HMD will be more convenient wearing with more resolutions.   

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