La Camera Insabbiata

La Camera Insabbiata / Chalkroom is a project created by HuangHsin-Chien and Laurie Anderson. This virtual reality-based artwork was exhibited in Modern Art Base in Shanghai at August 3rd, 2019. Through the trailer/ introduction showed in the video, I find that the designers have some new thoughts on how to bring multi-sensory and interactions in to one project.

The whole experience takes 8/9 parts of playing to be completely finished.  The whole fantastic world illustrate a background of mystery. Inside the whole UI, players can choose 8 different options in order to make them to teleport to those 8 rooms instantly. Each of those 8 rooms represents a unique theme, like sound, dance, touch, vision, and so on. For me, I experienced the room of dance and the room of audiation. I found that the most breakthroughs of those rooms are the control system, and also the sound editing. For example, in the room of sound, player can use the VR controllers as drumsticks for hitting instruments, and each instrument has its unique sound. In the room of dance, the designer designed a exit tunnel at the top of the room, so players can use controllers to make movements for exploring the spaces over the tunnel.

Actually I’m currently work with my personal VR project, I’m especially interested in how the designers of  La Camera Insabbiata considered to design the postures and gestures for the controlling system. In  La Camera Insabbiata, players need to hold both controllers at the same time, then if they make pushing actions by of their hands, the first-person-view in VR will be moving forward, and the moving speed depends on how fast the players push. For moving backwards, players just need to use button controls, or move their hands back to the original location. It might be cool if such gestures and actions could be programmed among some teleported spaces.

Those reports above are some interesting points I discovered recently.

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