Unit 1 Blog Report – Group 6

Instructor: Eleanor Dare


-Raf Martins
-Yuxiang He (Shawn) -Zhicheng Yang (Jake) -Jack Hardiker


Personal Report:

Name: Zhicheng Yang

Meeting 1:

There are 4 members in my team, who are Raf, Jack, Shawn, and I. We met with each other to talk about something relative to research. Personally I thought about an installation called “Mirror”. The idea is to create a storytelling that people could see their true identities through a mirror, and the mirror is also a tool that connect two worlds. Raf raised an idea that identity should be more relative to orientation and sexual. Shawn and Jack both thought that researching more core ideas will be better. So after coming back to home, I did many researches on how to create an art piece that relative to futuristic technologies about AI and cyborgs.


Meeting 2:

Each one in the team just did couples of researches. For me, did something about the research of future technology. Here are the links: The Future of Biotechnology
https://vimeo.com/278359673 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpO7eH5FYdo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61_cdC5J22I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vIT2da6N_o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTGrGG4jOXE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNmMSg8waLk
Our main aim is to get some inspirations from those future technologies. In this meeting, Raf showed some interesting about future robotic

technology, and Jack showed something about installations. Shawn also got many links about … Then we decided to doing more researches on the theories’ part of our project.


Meeting 3:

In the third meeting, Raf brought many brilliant ideas about 5 theories from philosophy about how those philosophers definite the identities of “I”. Here are Raf’s summary below:
The concept of personal identity discussed throughout times.

The urge to understand one of the core aspects of what is to be a human reflected in ideas and theories of philosophers and writers.

Our exploration starts bringing Plato and his concept of individuality and how the intellect makes every one of us unique. (Highlight the word PLATO)

SINGULAR (Can use an effect like an explosion)
After, Locke argued that a combination of body and soul, plus memories

and mental abilities were the blueprint to understand identity. PLURAL

(Can use an effect like an explosion)

In an attempt to doubt everything, Descartes, could not deny his personal power of inquest which he called ‘I’, creating the first correlation between individuality and language.

SINGULAR (Can use an effect like an explosion)

From the notion of language, we borrowed from Wittgenstein, that
all meaning, including a person’s identity, is entrenched in a family of significance which cannot be reduced to any fundamental essence but exists instead in a network of relationships.

PLURAL (Can use an effect like an explosion)
To complement that idea, we analyzed the Interpellation Theory, by the

French philosopher Althusser.
Interpellation is a process which we encounter our culture’ s values and internalize them. It expresses the one idea is not merely yours alone, but rather an idea that was presented to you for you to accept.

Step by step, together we envisioned a timeline of theories complementing each other and now are the foundation for our future explorations and discussions.

But what about metaphysics? (Highlight the word metaphysics)

Well, Wittgenstein argues that the vague understanding of the words used to communicate metaphysics takes the value of the subject from our every day’s lives. We followed the same understanding.

Identity instead consists of ‘seeing connection’ and understanding them. It is an intrinsic web immerse in an ellipse pattern of SINGULAR and PLURAL.

And it is what makes Identity so interesting. – Raf


We all agree about Raf’s research to be used in our project. Actually before this meeting I did some research on Chinese Taoism, and the theories from Confucius, but I didn’t find a way to bridge all those concepts.

Meeting 4: After the mid-term presentation, we focusing on the Sara Ahmed’s Queer Phenomenology. We discussed many possibilities about how Queer Phenomenology showed the orientation, disorientation, and the understanding of sexual identity. One thing we focusing on is: we try to make some connections between eastern and western cultures.

Meeting 5: In this meeting, Shawn and I just specifically illustrate the theory of “The Third Eye” and “The second skin”, and how those concepts could also be connected with the previous western cultures. Jack did many researches on other eastern mythologies, and Raf contributes a lot on how could the explanation of belongingness in Queer Phenomenology link with the disorientation we are going to make in our installation.

Meeting 6: Personally I made some renderings of the 1st version of device we are going to use in the installation, and couples of researches: Modeling and Researches:


Researches-Chinese Mythology Nuwa- The first godness who creates human. -“She set about making man with clay. She shaped little figurines by hand. Breathing life into them, she set them down. As soon as they touched ground, they began to cheer and dance. These were the first group of men and women……The world became cheerful and colorful……But alas, this did not last long because many of the humans she made aged and died, if she went on making man alone, she might not be able to compensate for the rapid death rate. She thought out another idea. Why not make them mate and bear children by themselves? Every spring, she would summon young men and women from far and near and let them chase and play with each other. It was a season of joy, courtship and marriage. In this way families were set up, children were nursed and reared, generations of man continue to live on this earth.” The third eye Buddhism-Eye of the sky Taoism Philosophy-pure mind eye-able to see through gender, time, space and even universe Personal Experience: China’s Four Great Classical Novels Journey to the west God Erlang/Erlang Shen “When he was born as a god, he got three eyes. The third eye can let him see the truth of the world, through justice and evil, truth and fake, gender and soul. The third eye represents wisdom, power, and future.” The Three Kingdom Zhao Yun He was an outstanding warrior belongs to Shu in Three Kingdom period of China. His long pike is powerful and skillful. Back to the modeling The modeling designs by using those concepts of theories mixed with former concepts made by all of us. This is the first model draft of the smart device/machine. We will discuss about changing modeling and adding/ changing functions. The we talk about something specifically in installations. Shawn think that maybe we can do an installation in a small room with installed technologies for one person a time. He based on the concepts of second skin and he would like to create a space that people will understand themselves more deeply. Raf though the installation could be a single voice or face recognition by using AI to answer people’s questions. Jack also gives the team many brilliant ideas about how to use text to show the result of face recognition.

Meeting 7: We asked our professor about the third-eye theories, and she helped us with many new ideas about angle of views and installation references. Then we decided to make some design for our devices. First of all, we all think that Go Pro is a device that we should use in our installation, because the camera is tiny and easy to carry on. Then, Shawn and Jack just thought about to use a jacket to tighten the rod of Go Pro. We all felt thankful to Shawn because he spent a lot of money to buy the jacket at the first time and saves the whole team many times for doing future tests. Also, Raf bought a VR Glasses, and he finished making the awesome mask very quick, too. Personally I did some installation design and modeling those into a picture and shared to my team. I considered that our team may use projection mapping for the installation.



Meeting 8: I just showed the technology about the face recognition to the team. However, I got a big trouble on mirroring Go Pro’s live camera to the face recognition software. Then Jack give us some advices on interface design about the text with face recognition. Shawn just specifically showed the research about “The journey to the west”, and how the “Third Eye” can be designed into the project. Raf was focusing on painting the Mask for the installation.



Meeting 9: I finished the face recognition and debugged the coding part and all things worked fine. I also showed the process. However, because of the security coding on GoPro, I still not find some a way for using Go Pro as a second live camera to the software Cycling 74’s Max 7. Jack and Shawn was remodeling the jacket, and Raf finished the Mask with grey painted.


Meeting 10: We made the first test of mirroring Go Pro’s screen to the phone and put it inside the Mask. Jack and I tested the whole process. It was successful, and we can see things clearing from the angle of Go Pro. I also find the- third-party software which will allow mirroring Go Pro’s live camera to PC.



Meeting 11: Shawn tested the whole process, and everything worked fine. However, we also considered to adjust the angle of the back rod. Fortunately, I find a way to make possible to use 2 USB Wi-Fi adapter to do a double mirroring, which will allow Go Pro’s Live stream to be used in Max. I shared those with my team.


Meeting 12: Our team went to Oxford Street for the real installation, and we received a success on watching with the angle with Go Pro. Then, we did many filming about the main concept: orientation, disorientation, and ThirdEye in different kind of places in London. The most interesting thing was we went to Jack’s friends’ home in a town located at east of London. The kid there were really excited with the mask we made and he tried our devices.


Meeting 13: In the final step, I also double checked the coding in Max and debugged again for the face recognition. Shawn did many steps of video editing, and Jack showed some of his ideas on managing the scene. Then Jack finished all the lecture slides with effects and designs. Raf was continuing to adjust the mask for the final presentation. And Raf also gives us many advices for the frame cutting. Then I did many modeling which Jack designed for our team and Jack put all these into the slides.


Meeting 14: Final Presentation: We show the final installation and the slide show.


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