DD2018-Project 1 Script


Eleanor Dare

Group 6 Members:

Raf Martins, Yuxiang He (Shawn), Zhicheng Yang (Jake), Jack Hardiker

Script for Kinect Typography

Hello! (The letters could be inverted to start to pinpoint some of the aspects we will be focusing our project)

The concept of personal identity discussed throughout times.

The urge to understand one of the core aspects of what is to be a human reflected in ideas and theories of philosophers and writers.

Our exploration starts bringing Plato and his concept of individuality and how the intellect makes every one of us unique. (Highlight the word PLATO)

SINGULAR (Can use an effect like an explosion)
After, Locke argued that a combination of body and soul, plus memories

and mental abilities were the blueprint to understand identity. PLURAL (Can use an effect like an explosion)

In an attempt to doubt everything, Descartes, could not deny his personal power of inquest which he called ‘I’, creating the first correlation between individuality and language.

SINGULAR (Can use an effect like an explosion)

From the notion of language, we borrowed from Wittgenstein, that
all meaning, including a person’s identity, is entrenched in a family of significance which cannot be reduced to any fundamental essence but exists instead in a network of relationships.

PLURAL (Can use an effect like an explosion)

To complement that idea, we analyzed the Interpellation Theory, by the French philosopher Althusser.
Interpellation is a process which we encounter our culture’s values and internalise them. It expresses the one idea is not merely yours alone, but rather an idea that was presented to you for you to accept.

Step by step, together we envisioned a timeline of theories complementing each other and now are the foundation for our future explorations and discussions.

But what about metaphysics? (Highlight the word metaphysics)

Well, Wittgenstein argues that the vague understanding of the words used to communicate metaphysics takes the value of the subject from our everyday’s lives. We followed the same understanding.

Identity instead consists of ‘seeing connection’ and understanding them. It is an intrinsic web immerse in an ellipse pattern of SINGULAR and PLURAL.

And it is what makes Identity so interesting.

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