Project Notes-Digital Direction Unit 1

Questions from Meetings:

Metaphors Mirror > distorted realities Masks > personas The philosophical problems of personal identity. Who I am? A sense of belonging or ownership. Personhood: What is to be a person? What is necessary for something to be counted as a person? Persistence: What does it take for a person to persist from one time to another? Evidence: How do we find out who is who and the evidence of first-person memory. Metaphysical: What composes our entire matter? What is the exact point where identity takes place? Theories and authors that can create the foundations for the concept, supporting and contextualising the parameters for suitable design approaches. The difference among humans, other living beings and machines (AI), and where empathy and emotions can be crucial to differentiate them. Evolution of identity: memory loss and how to discuss its implications. He/she still the same person or would them become someone different? The findings can lead to identity to be considered or classified as data and how this consideration can form the basis of a singularity. A unique set of data that can live in different times of evolution. What it takes for a past-person or a future-person to be you?

Links of biological identity research:


Other important names – search these and identity: Plato, Locke, Thomas Reid, H.P Grice (talking about Locke and Reid), Ludwig Wittgenstein “Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus”. Finally the “Interpellation” theory.



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