Video Art

Video Art: Layers 

In this artwork, I use different skills of decided how to use lighting, textures and frame cutting skills to mixed different videos to different layers. I also used rapid cuts, dissolves, multiple filters, fade in/out and motion filters and elements for the final stage of finishing this artwork.

After watching trailers/openings of Detective Season 1 and 2, I have some ideas about how put the textures inside the shadow of Li’s (The actor I shot) face. Of course my partner is a good actor so that I could easily mix some textures into his face expressions. The reason why I choose some specific connections like rapid cuts and rapid filters in footage that reinforces my concept is that I want the whole video also follow the rhythm of the Sound demo I made.

In this project, it’s a challenge for me because I should consider each detail about sounds, lighting, textures, Li’s face and Final Cut’s filters. Whatever, I like this artwork.

Video Art:Anthropology 

I think the Arch sculpture for my project is an interesting art piece that it contains unique shapes and angles. Whatever, my aim is to make my projection mapping interesting and make sense to people who watch it. I considered how to make balance with the contents, texture videos, 3d objects and the shape of mappings.

In this artwork, I used MadMapper to do the mapping part. The first thing I did is to shot more than 10 texture videos. Then I also shot 10 more texture pictures. Then, I make multiple videos in one video as my editing textures. With MadMapper, I also did many presets. Those presets contain different effects and colors. Thus I could make variety changes of the textures of the mappings.

By considering the history background and the creation background of Arch sculpture, I plan to make the audio feel mysterious and dreamy. I also considered how to make the audio part make sense with the texture videos and the Arch sculpture.

Video Art:Box

In this art piece, I choose some sculptures with nice curvilinear objects. I made those sculptures from my 3-D classes, and I made changes to the arrangements of my sculptures so that they looked different from the previous one. The reason why I choose curvilinear objects is because I want to try to mix two different kinds of arts, which are digital art and sculpture arts.

Video Art:Interior Architecture + Projection Mapping

I choose an area with many pipes ahead. The reason why I choose this architecture location is because those pipes and tubes ahead of the building are the metal stuffs that those would be good ‘screen’ for my footages be more effective. More importantly, those stuffs will match my theme of “Industrial” because they are made of metals. The reason why I make the choices and specific connections in footage is because I want to make the video match the audio I made, and also represent the movements of metal stuffs. The placement in space and on the objects that reinforces my concept are the objects that I specifically spread them to different parts.

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