3-D Model – Abandoned and distressed environment

A little Sketch


Then back to the art piece

Artist Statement:

For this project, I want to create a castle that it may existed around 18th century like many gamming designs. I want to use some old styles but also mix some gamming elements so that make my castle looks nice.

At the beginning of doing this project, I got many ideas from abandonedporn.com. In this website, it has many nice stone design and light effect designs.

I made models for 5-6 times so that I can mix different polygenes in to a huge castle. Also I used different channels for layer my polygenes. I’ve also designed how the castle looks in the afternoon and at night.



This castle used to run by a huge vampire family in 18th century. Unfortunately, all the vampire members were defeated by European paladins. The broken walls and the fallen vampire symbols mean that the castle haven’t be used for many years. However, the vampire family leaved the curses for the castle. When night comes, the castle will emit strange lights for as the souvenir of the great vampire family. And the castle, will never reproduce the glory of the past of the vampire family.




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