MA Digital Direction Term 3 Unit 4 Time Traveler

Time Traveler
Documented by Jake Yang & Jingle Deng

At the beginning of this project, Jingle and I have some ideas about virtual space. Then we Inspired by film Coherence and Japanese animation called Steins Gate , after that we started thinking about the parallel world. Soon in next couple of meetings, we got more reference from the structure of labyrinth, and The Penrose stair. We started to think about What’s the world behind us and what is the possibility of time traveling? 

Then, we did some researches of quantum theory and Schrödinger’s Cat. Basically, what the theory tell us is before observing, the cat can be both dead and live. But after observed, it becomes one state. Dead or live. 

Uncertainty principle 

We cannot even defined the present, how can we predict future. 

Quantum Entanglement/Wave Function

As  Bonn said, “From our point of view of quantum mechanics, in any single case, there is no quantity that can be used to determinethe result of a collision.’’


Similar as Quantum theory, Chinese metaphysic based on the book Yi Jing, it also explains the world is influenced by the force field of Yin and Yang. Although Yin force and Yang Force are two powers that they represent two extremes, but they interact and connected with each other.

Technically, there is still difference between metaphysic and quantum theory, but we only use their philosophical perspective to see the world.

And the story is that we make a space of time traveling, and the space is infinity.

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