Current ideas in immersive space

There are couples of weeks left for the immersive adventure project. I’m working with my teammate jingle and now we are improving our story lines and projects. We got some inspirations from the Schrodinger’s Cat, and the Penrose stairs.

From the previous meeting we go a direction of our project in parallel universe. And we want to create one or two immersive spaces which for one person doing different things at the same time. In the theory of Schrodinger’s Cat, the cat could be both dead and alive at the same time if there didn’t exist an “observer”.  Thus, things will be funny if we make a VR interaction for 2 people- one is wearing the VR glasses and the other one is controlling the laptop screen. The Penrose stairs is an impossible object created by Lionel Penrose and his son Roger Penrose.  It is a two-dimensional depiction of a staircase in which the stairs form four 90-degree turns as they rise or fall, but form a continuous loop. So that people can climb them forever. We consider to use this concept also for some 3D modeling designs, especially for large spaces like buildings. 

For the next step, we’ve going to focusing on Unity VR and C4D animations.

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