A little Sketch


Then back to the art piece

Artist Statement:

For this project, I want to create a castle that it may existed around 18th century like many gamming designs. I want to use some old styles but also mix some gamming elements so that make my castle looks nice.

At the beginning of doing this project, I got many ideas from abandonedporn.com. In this website, it has many nice stone design and light effect designs.

I made models for 5-6 times so that I can mix different polygenes in to a huge castle. Also I used different channels for layer my polygenes. I’ve also designed how the castle looks in the afternoon and at night.



This castle used to run by a huge vampire family in 18th century. Unfortunately, all the vampire members were defeated by European paladins. The broken walls and the fallen vampire symbols mean that the castle haven’t be used for many years. However, the vampire family leaved the curses for the castle. When night comes, the castle will emit strange lights for as the souvenir of the great vampire family. And the castle, will never reproduce the glory of the past of the vampire family.




Video Art: Layers 

In this artwork, I use different skills of decided how to use lighting, textures and frame cutting skills to mixed different videos to different layers. I also used rapid cuts, dissolves, multiple filters, fade in/out and motion filters and elements for the final stage of finishing this artwork.

After watching trailers/openings of Detective Season 1 and 2, I have some ideas about how put the textures inside the shadow of Li’s (The actor I shot) face. Of course my partner is a good actor so that I could easily mix some textures into his face expressions. The reason why I choose some specific connections like rapid cuts and rapid filters in footage that reinforces my concept is that I want the whole video also follow the rhythm of the Sound demo I made.

In this project, it’s a challenge for me because I should consider each detail about sounds, lighting, textures, Li’s face and Final Cut’s filters. Whatever, I like this artwork.

Video Art:Anthropology 

I think the Arch sculpture for my project is an interesting art piece that it contains unique shapes and angles. Whatever, my aim is to make my projection mapping interesting and make sense to people who watch it. I considered how to make balance with the contents, texture videos, 3d objects and the shape of mappings.

In this artwork, I used MadMapper to do the mapping part. The first thing I did is to shot more than 10 texture videos. Then I also shot 10 more texture pictures. Then, I make multiple videos in one video as my editing textures. With MadMapper, I also did many presets. Those presets contain different effects and colors. Thus I could make variety changes of the textures of the mappings.

By considering the history background and the creation background of Arch sculpture, I plan to make the audio feel mysterious and dreamy. I also considered how to make the audio part make sense with the texture videos and the Arch sculpture.

Video Art:Box

In this art piece, I choose some sculptures with nice curvilinear objects. I made those sculptures from my 3-D classes, and I made changes to the arrangements of my sculptures so that they looked different from the previous one. The reason why I choose curvilinear objects is because I want to try to mix two different kinds of arts, which are digital art and sculpture arts.

Video Art:Interior Architecture + Projection Mapping

I choose an area with many pipes ahead. The reason why I choose this architecture location is because those pipes and tubes ahead of the building are the metal stuffs that those would be good ‘screen’ for my footages be more effective. More importantly, those stuffs will match my theme of “Industrial” because they are made of metals. The reason why I make the choices and specific connections in footage is because I want to make the video match the audio I made, and also represent the movements of metal stuffs. The placement in space and on the objects that reinforces my concept are the objects that I specifically spread them to different parts.

Zhicheng Yang – Music Demo Collections


EXP – Jake

BGM oF ‘Mosquito Killing’ LOL – Jake

Agricultural-Light-Metal – Jake

2018Demo53 – Jake

Trap:Rush B – Jake




2017 Demo 3 Face – Jake

2017 Demo 2 Stepping on the prairie – Jake

2017 Demo 1 Odyssey – Jake



2016 Demo 10 The Monster in Deep Ocean – Jake

2016 Demo 5 Project Z – Jake

2016 Demo 4 – Jake

2016 Demo 3 Graduation – Jake

2016 Demo 1 Palace – Jake



2015 Demo 25 The king of Pink – Jake

2015 Demo 23 The final battle – Jake

2015 Demo 14 Drifting – Jake

2015 Demo 1 Relax – Jake



2014 Demo 5 Secret – Jake


Negative Space (01/18/2013) – Zhicheng Yang

I draw a negative space showed the combination of different projects. In fact, I choose three main objects which are an chair, a huge word “W” made from wood, and different wooden sticks. I want to show an space that what will happen that the world will be like when time stops.


2013iphonezhaopian 336.jpg

Freestyle Sketch (03/27/2013)  – Zhicheng Yang

This is a sketch of the street view of  a place that around 1770 S. William Street, Denver. I use different types of lines to make this sketch because I want to express my feeling of the cold weather in Denver. In fact it was the time that the heavily snow just melted away, and it brought even colder weather.


2013iphonezhaopian 337.JPG

Reflection (04/16/2013) – Zhicheng Yang

I made this painting only by black ink. I got this idea when I saw my reflection on the surface of the head part of an long lamp. I thought it was pretty interesting and I decided to make an artwork of this moment.

2013iphonezhaopian 338.JPG

Reflection 2 (04/27/2013) – Zhicheng Yang

This is the other reflection art piece that I made. I want to show the different reflection on the surfaces of different digital devices. Also, I want to show how materials could effect the reflection.


2013iphonezhaopian 339.JPG

Heart (05/23/2013) – Zhicheng Yang

For this project, I would like to show an idea of humanity that I understand personally. I mainly focus on two-point perspective to create this artwork. In this art piece, the structure of blue represent “Pure”,  the structure of red represent “Hope”, and the dark structure represent “Darkness”. I want to show an idea that even people have some “Darkness” parts somewhere inside the hearts of themselves, “Pure” and “Hope” are important elements that surround the darkness, and provide human from evil in maybe different kind of ways.





Chimera (02/10/2014) – Zhicheng Yang

At the beginning of thinking the idea of this artwork, I would like to create another version of a “Medusa”- a monster in Greek mythology. However, after I did some researches I found that Medusa was not a monster with aesthetic beauty. So I redo the research of Chimera- A combination of different monsters. Finally I decided to use body of a snack, body of a human, and a wings from raven for my artwork. The story for this Chimera is that: with the fast improvement of science, after maybe hundreds of years, genes of different species may combine, and new species may exist on Earth.



Person VS. Machine Sketch version (03/15/2014)- Zhicheng Yang (Reference from Man v. Machine – SFTropes)

This is an class project that required me to find a photo online and change some elements myself. I find the reference picture  Man v. Machine – SFTropes and I thought that idea was pretty interesting, that’s why I choose this art photo to do the artwork with graphite rods.



Portrait of a Girl (04/20/2014)- Zhicheng Yang

I draw this portrait and give as a present  to my friend Sun. She’s an DU student. At the time I drew this artwork, she had some little brushes with her friends. In this artwork, I would like to use dark tone to represent her inner world.




In my dream: Episode 1 & 2 – Zhicheng Yang

This artwork showed one of my dream when I traveling to Japan. I use some Japanese Manga style, and also drew some Japanese manga characters appears in my dream. It talks about I was hunted down by a bad guy, but some hero with justice saved me. Whatever, that was funny.