Previous Works 2018 – Update

Unit 2 Elective

I’ve added 2 projects which were missing

What’s Up Doc – Animation exercise

In the project, I’m required to do some interviews and ask some simple question from different people. Then, I need to make those pieces to an animation. My final project of this class was about cooking, thus I asked some of my friends about some questions about their diet. Also, the date when this project due was near the halloween 2018 thus I made a pumpkin character. Whatever, this project was just a simple exercise that I reported the process of the final project of What’s up Doc program.

What’s Up Doc – Labyrinth

In this challenge, my group was required to using digital methods to create a documentary of labyrinth. First of all, my group decided to create a story, and the main role was a conductor. Then, we spread the group to animation group, sound group, and filming group for different jobs. After that, we made multiple classical instrumental sound tracks, then mixed with some sound effects. The effects are mainly match the turning points in each part of our animated story. And finally, my acting was edited into the left side of the video in order to make a connection between the character’s emotion and our animated videos.

What’s Up Doc – “Mad” Cook

This was also a project that we report our final project process in the What’s up Doc class. We were required to do some video makings. I decided to write a script as a part of story for my final project of this class.

Unit 1 Blog Report – Group 6

I’ve added 1 animation video

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